About Buckelew Farm

The Buckelew Family

The Buckelew Family

Buckelew Farm History

The Buckelew Family has four generations of Arizona farmers:
John W. & Mary Dee Buckelew
(Nick’s grandparents)

Robert G. (Bob) & Clara V. Buckelew
(Nick’s parents)

L. Nick & Laurie S. Buckelew
(Nick & his wife)

Clint A. & Laura M. Buckelew
(Nick & Laurie’s son and daughter in law)
Amy K. Buckelew Owen & Greg Owen (Nick & Laurie’s daughter and son in law)

First Generation

John W. Buckelew moved to Arizona in 1920 and bought a farm in Chandler, Arizona. He and his wife lived there, with their 12 children (11 living), until they lost the farm during the depression in 1930.

Second Generation

Bob Buckelew started his career by leasing farmland at the age of 19. He was able to purchase a farm of his own in 1956, the current Buckelew Farm in Three Points, Arizona. The main crops were cotton and wheat. Bob & Clara raised 4 children; Nick being the only son.

Third Generation

Nick and Laurie were married in 1977 and moved to the farm. Nick continued to farm cotton and wheat but in 1989 grew his first pumpkin crop. That was the beginning of the Annual Buckelew Farm Pumpkin Festival, which provided their customers an opportunity to take a horse-drawn wagon ride into the field to pick their own pumpkins. The Corn Maze was introduced in 2001 and the Haunted Corn Field followed in 2004.

Fourth Generation

Clint and Amy (Nick and Laurie’s two children) have worked on the farm their entire lives and have been a big part of the Pumpkin Festival growth. They moved into management positions in 2001, when the farm extended its hours for Flashlight Nights in the Corn Maze. In 2007 Amy married Greg, and in 2010 Clint married Laura. Together the four continued to create and build the Terror in the Corn haunted Corn Field and assist with the pumpkin festival growth. Greg and Amy have two girls, Rylin and Harleigh. Clint and Laura have two sons, Owen and Luke.

The Buckelews are proud of their farming roots and proud of being able to share a piece of the family tradition with our customers in October.

Thank you for visiting Buckelewfarm.com, and we hope to see you at the festival!


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